[rescue] Sun Ultra 2 SCSI issues

Ryan Thoryk ryan at tliquest.net
Sat May 24 22:16:21 CDT 2003

I was wondering about that, and I'll have to use it anyway soon because my SGI
Indigo2 right next to it uses a 512k blocksize for it's EFS formatted cds (and
i have to burn some IRIX backups).  But if I burned some cds on the Sun box
with a 512k blocksize, would they be readable on a PC?  The blocksize wasn't a
big issue with my sparc5 (worked fine with the 2048 setting).  

> ryan at tliquest.net said:
> > I've got a great Ultra 2 system (dual 250mhz, i love it), but weird
> > stuff's been going on with the SCSI bus that the cdrom's connected to.
> >  I replaced the old cdrom drive it had with a much newer Yamaha cdrw
> > 8x8x24 drive.
> ....<schnip>
> > The problem is that some cds will have enormous amounts of read errors
> Ryan:
> Make sure the drive is jumpered for 512K blocksize, not the 
> PC world default of 2048.
> AL
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