[rescue] Sun Ultra 2 SCSI issues

Ryan Thoryk ryan at tliquest.net
Sat May 24 01:49:45 CDT 2003

I've got a great Ultra 2 system (dual 250mhz, i love it), but weird stuff's
been going on with the SCSI bus that the cdrom's connected to.  I replaced the
old cdrom drive it had with a much newer Yamaha cdrw 8x8x24 drive.  I also
tested the cabling, and it's fine too.  Now I know there's 2 scsi connectors
on the motherboard, but for some reason the drive doesn't work on the left
one; only the right.

The problem is that some cds will have enormous amounts of read errors (I had
huge troubles installing Solaris 9), and the drive freezes up sometimes and
then slows down along with a bunch of head movements (both drives do the same
thing).  I tested both drives on a Sparcstation 5 i've got, and they work
perfectly on there.  Everything else works perfectly on this system.

Another question I have deals with a Linux server I run (pc x86 dual ppro
It's got a pnp/non-pnp switchable 56k modem for dialins (i love that modem so
much), and a nice large DSL line.  The modem is set to use COM3 with irq4 and
seems to be locking the whole system up usually after it hangs up the line,
seemingly only on external dialins, not dialouts.  I have an mgetty setup
along with pppd.  No messages can get dumped to the syslog because the freeze
is more hardware related.  Has anyone experienced something like this before?

Ryan Thoryk
Unix and Network Specialist
ryan at tliquest.net

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