[rescue] Durango Poppy II

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat May 24 01:38:10 CDT 2003

5.25" FH floppy drive.... I'd imagine that would be DSDD (40 trackes)
and not the pseudo quad density DSDD (80 tracks) drive.... as I don't
think they made the QD drives in 5.25" FH... maybe someone else here
can confirm/deny that assumption.

-- Curt

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>Jeffrey Nonken wrote:
>> > On a related note, how compatible is a DSDD 96tpi floppy drive with a
>> > 'current' floppy drive?
>> I presume you mean a 3 1/2 incher.That's a 720k floppy, and current drives
>> are backwards-compatible. But you need to use DD disks, you can't just
>> format HD disks in DD.
>Nope, a 5.25".. full height.
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