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>Subject: [rescue] Durango Poppy II
>Anybody familiar with the Durango Poppy II? This thing has a 80286 (and
>80287) in AT casing, 640KB memory, 6 serials + console port, 5.25" drive
>and a ST506 5MB HD.
>The BIOS tries booting from floppy, then HD. The HD spins up but the
>BIOS doesn't detect an OS. The person I got it from said it was working
>many years ago when it was switched off. Do ST506 crash easily?

More easily than newer drives I'd imagine.

Check all connections, card seating and contact cleanliness.  Any chips
should be checked for creep making sure they are seated properly.

>I also have boot floppies, which are "Xenix 3.1f Upgrade+" but they have
>too many errors on then to be useful.
>If anybody has some OS for this thing.. it should run MS-DOS, CP/M 86,
>Xenix and MP/M 86.
>On a related note, how compatible is a DSDD 96tpi floppy drive with a
>'current' floppy drive?

Not sure what you mean here.  Your system probably has a 360K floppy drive
(DSDD).  You can read them fine on 1.2Meg (DSHD) 5.25" drives, however
writing with a DSHD drive to a DSDD medium writes a narrow track...  if
the disk you are writing to is magnetically clean, then it should work fine,
but it generally considered better to write 360K disks on 360K drives.
Also, never format a DSDD 5.25" disk to DSHD, or format a DSHD diskette
at DSDD format.... data loss will result, if not right away, very soon...
3.5" floppy disks were much more robust in tolerating using the wrong
format on the wrong medium.

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