[rescue] Octane Gigabit

KRM kevin at pipeline.com
Fri May 23 18:09:14 CDT 2003

Unless i'm mistaken, that would include the Netgear GA620 cards, of 
which i already have several (they support jumbo frames, although i 
don't know about IRIX.)  So now i just need a $200 cage and i can give 
it a shot.  Is there any performance hit taken from using the PCI cage 
as opposed to native cards?


nick at snowman.net wrote:

>This is just talking out of my ass, but I'd try an Alteon Acenic based PCI
>network card, as they're well supported, and I belive the card SGI shipped
>with their O200 series, so should work in an octane.
>	Nick
>On Fri, 23 May 2003, Kevin wrote:
>>Does anyone know if there are any 1000baseSX cards available
>>for the Octane?  Be they PCI cards requiring the expansion
>>cage or native XIO cards?
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