[rescue] Durango Poppy II

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Fri May 23 14:38:32 CDT 2003


Anybody familiar with the Durango Poppy II? This thing has a 80286 (and
80287) in AT casing, 640KB memory, 6 serials + console port, 5.25" drive
and a ST506 5MB HD.

The BIOS tries booting from floppy, then HD. The HD spins up but the
BIOS doesn't detect an OS. The person I got it from said it was working
many years ago when it was switched off. Do ST506 crash easily?

I also have boot floppies, which are "Xenix 3.1f Upgrade+" but they have
too many errors on then to be useful.

If anybody has some OS for this thing.. it should run MS-DOS, CP/M 86,
Xenix and MP/M 86.

On a related note, how compatible is a DSDD 96tpi floppy drive with a
'current' floppy drive?

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