[rescue] Octane w/ PCI cage

Rob Fielding rob at dsvr.net
Fri May 23 10:30:47 CDT 2003

Kevin wrote:
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> This one will assuredly end up going for more, but it might be
> worth keeping an eye on for anyone in the Octane market.  I
> asked they guy what the CPU and graphic config is.  He has yet
> to respond.

Hmm. We've got obvious knowledge that the seller knows what's 'extra' and what might be 'standard' with the extra PCI card cage and 'two' extra video 
option boards, but not the exact CPU that's in it. Plus the current price of 50USD. *awooga!* Is it nicked?

Looks like he's got the full on Digital Video option + compressions board which would be a steal at ten times the current price. However I thought the 
graphics card (looks like SI/E) went in quad A and the extra options down the right hand side of the XIO card tray which suggests that his XIO tray is 
in upside down. !? I don't actually know if there's any problem with that however - i haven't tried it in mine.

Anyway, anyone who had dig vid and compression and knew about octanes knows these two items alone are rare as rocking horse sh*t and come with a price 
tag so high it's frightening to think about.

Hmm. With such a low feedback rating, I'd be wary. But as it's a long weekend here, if I could fly to the US and rent a flat within 4 days for less 
that 1000USD it might actually be worth a bid....

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