[rescue] VAXstation questions

Kurt Mosiejczuk kurt at csh.rit.edu
Thu May 22 15:23:15 CDT 2003

On Tue, 20 May 2003 jwbirdsa at picarefy.com wrote:

> >They wouldn't have had enough VAXen to go around.

>    That's what telnet is for. My entire class learned VAX assembly under
> Ultrix on an 8600, which was also serving a bunch of other classes at the
> same time. It wasn't fast, but it could handle a lot of simultaneous
> compilation and assembly. What really killed it was when we all had to run
> SPICE at the same time for EE classes.

Well, I don't think the RIT CS department had ANY VAXen at the time
(this was 90-91).  The "main" computing department did, but they were
very particular about their control of anything and weren't that
concerned about availability...


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