[rescue] Nice little rescue today

William Barnett-Lewis wlewis at mailbag.com
Mon May 19 16:46:35 CDT 2003

Went down to the local computer recycler/scrapper with a load of dead
and broken junk. When I got there, in the outdoor wire bin are two boxes
- one says PowerMac 6100 and one says Sony 15sf. I look in the boxes -
both are packed like brand new. They even have the inside plastic
wrappers on them as well as original (unbroken) styro inserts. Looks
like they're completely functional. 

I ask if I can take them, they want $5. I pay and scramble home. The
6100's a wimp - 8mb, 250mb, no cd. But the monitor is a Sony refurb in
near mint condition and does SOG like a champ. I now have a monitor on
my Indigo2. Yeah!

A good day, all-in-all.


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