[rescue] Big SGIs at Home

Robert Reif reif at earthlink.net
Sun May 18 18:02:25 CDT 2003

I keep my onyx rack in the garage and run it off single phase 220 without
any problems. However I removed the two re2 pipes in the lower card
cage to be safe.  It doesn't produce enough heat in that configuration to
cause problems but I will only run it for a few hours at at time and
in the evenings when it is cool.  It's way to noisy to even consider
it into the house but at least it's not as noisy as my ss690s.

You can rewire the supplies to take single phase 220 by just moving a few
wires around.  Someday when I have the time, I will rewire it with heavier
wire and terminal strips and  plug the two extra pipes back it and see what


"Jonathan C. Patschke" wrote:

> So, I just bought my first big SGI.  Does anyone have any experience
> with the -actual- power draw and cooling requirements of a
> PowerChallenge XL?  The system in question has two memory boards, one
> IP25, at least two IO4s, one FDDI board, an unknown number of discs,
> and the Extreme[0] console option.  I don't expect it'll reach the peak
> draw of 5.7kW or the maximum cooling requirements of 10.7kBTU, but I'd
> sure appreciate a ballpark estimate, if anyone has one.
> [0] All those who remember me brow-beating Josh about whether or not
>     server should have consoles are free to point and giggle.
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