[rescue] Big SGIs at Home

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Sun May 18 17:38:22 CDT 2003

So, I just bought my first big SGI.  Does anyone have any experience
with the -actual- power draw and cooling requirements of a
PowerChallenge XL?  The system in question has two memory boards, one
IP25, at least two IO4s, one FDDI board, an unknown number of discs,
and the Extreme[0] console option.  I don't expect it'll reach the peak
draw of 5.7kW or the maximum cooling requirements of 10.7kBTU, but I'd
sure appreciate a ballpark estimate, if anyone has one.

[0] All those who remember me brow-beating Josh about whether or not
    server should have consoles are free to point and giggle.
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