Correction Re: [rescue] 72 pin Simms Available

Rip Loomis rip at
Sat May 17 21:01:30 CDT 2003

>> Ack. Those are 8mb simms not 32mb simms as it appears from how I
>> miswrote the first message. My appologies to anyone I confused with
>> this.

> I'd consider taking you up on them, except unfortunately I'm more in need
> of 32mb SIMMs.

For the benefit of anyone else who looked at the original offer and
thought "Hmm...", there are some rather good deals on FPM parity SIMMs
on eBay lately.  I picked up eight 32MB parity 72-pin FPM SIMMs for
<$23.00 shipped recently, in a dutch auction without much searching around. 

Also, if anyone needs 16MB EDO parity 72-pin SIMMs, please drop me a line.
I have approximately a cubic butt-ton of these.  Note that these
will *not* be useful in Sun clones or SGI boxes that are looking
for FPM parity, but may be useful in some x86 boxes. 

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