[rescue] Power Administrator 800-Remote Outlet

Geoff geoff at hasker.net
Sat May 17 20:32:29 CDT 2003

I have aquired a Power Administrator 800 manufactured by the Systems
Enhancement Corporation.  It has two db-9 connectors on the back, one 10BaseT
connection, a telephone connection, and some various other RJ-11 ports on the
rear, along with six outlets.  I guess this is a remote outlet/power
sequencer/power conditioner device.  I tried consoling it with the usual 9600
8N1 but nothing happened.  Does anyone here have any experiance with this
device.  Google did not seem to help in this situation.  The manufacturer does
not even mention the product line on its site.  It would be a waste just to
use this as a surge strip.


geoff at hasker.net

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