[rescue] Hark, something from the depths of the storage closet!

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat May 17 17:14:25 CDT 2003

I worked for Sun back in the latter days of Interactive Unix... the
Interactive folks became SunSoft South and were primarily reponsible
for Solaris on Intel.

I pretty good group of people there (in Los Angeles).

Don't know preciesly when Sun did away with it, but it probably was
around 1996ish or so ?

Kodak owned Interactive Unix.  Sun bought it from them.

-- Curt

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>On Saturday, May 17, 2003, at 02:47 PM, Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez 
>> Weren't the guys who made coherent bought by SUN?
>I don't know about coherent, but Sun did buy Interactive Unix, if 
>that's what you're thinking about. I had a SunSoft release of 
>Interactive, as well as the the version right before it which wasn't 
>from Sun (but I don't remember the name of the company name on those 
>- -Mike
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