[rescue] Hark, something from the depths of the storage close t!

Michael A. Turner mturner at whro.org
Sat May 17 15:25:31 CDT 2003

> >> 	Becoming curious I cleared a path to that side of the room. I
> >> removed the laser discs that gave tours of college 
> campuses from my 
> >> way
> >> (Honest truth). Behind this detritus of useless tech I 
> pried two boxes
> >
> > I have a modest collection of laser disks. Still play 'em 
> (replacing 
> > them
> > with DVDs isn't in my budget at the moment).
>    Laserdiscs are cool.  I have a shitload of them.
>        -Dave
> --
> Dave McGuire                "They live deeply, these vagabonds."
> St. Petersburg, FL                            -Goro

	Laserdiscs are cool, but cheesy college tours from the late 80's
early 90's automatically suck the cool out of any medium it is stored on no
matter what it is, unless it can be erased. These cannot be erased so
therefore they have no cool left. This makes them , offically, useless tech.

Michael A. Turner
Systems Engineer WHRO
michael.turner at whro.org

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