[rescue] IRIS indigo help.... please

Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Sat May 17 11:40:40 CDT 2003

"Andrew Giedraitis" <andycadd at earthlink.net> wrote:

>  I have an IRIS   (indigo 1)(footwarmer)(coffee-maker)
>  I've peiced it back together, ugraded the disks,
>  now to install
>  I understand it is still supported by 6.5.1  (barely)?

Only if it has a an R4k processor.

>  Is it supported by 6.5.14?

If it has an R4k processor

>  I want to use a disk shelf to install, copying the cd's on my indigo2
>  to formatted drives in the shelf and then plugging in the IRIS
>  I'll format the shelf to EFS using disk id's 4+5+6  is there a
>  filesystem that CD's use that I should use instead
>  the shelf is a DEC BA-3xx with 9 gig drives
>  can I do this?

I'm not sure I follow.  Do you want to be able to run the install form a
local filesystem, or over the network?  Network installs work great, but
I've not seen anyone install Irix from a local filesystem that wasn't a

>  will the IRIS be able to see the shelfs files
>  is there a unix command to copy completely from the CD to the
>  selected
> disks
>  (into directories)

Um.... cp?

>  is there a better way to do this ?


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