[rescue] IRIS indigo help.... please

Andrew Giedraitis andycadd at earthlink.net
Sat May 17 12:43:13 CDT 2003

 I have an IRIS   (indigo 1)(footwarmer)(coffee-maker)

 I've peiced it back together, ugraded the disks,

 now to install

 I understand it is still supported by 6.5.1  (barely)?

 Is it supported by 6.5.14?

 I want to use a disk shelf to install, copying the cd's on my indigo2 to
 formatted drives in the shelf and then plugging in the IRIS

 I'll format the shelf to EFS using disk id's 4+5+6  is there a filesystem
 that CD's use that I should use instead

 the shelf is a DEC BA-3xx with 9 gig drives

 can I do this?

 will the IRIS be able to see the shelfs files

 is there a unix command to copy completely from the CD to the selected
 (into directories)

 is there a better way to do this ?

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