[rescue] IRIX 6.5 on an Indy

Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Fri May 16 19:53:48 CDT 2003

Kevin <kevin at mpcf.com> wrote:

> Is anyone here running IRIX 6.5 on an Indy (R5K 180mhz, 128
> RAM)?  I'm contemplating building up one of my Indys and
> taking it to work to use as a workstation for a while.  I know
> 5.3 was more along the lines of what it was designed for, but
> i'd like to know if 6.5 has worked acceptably for anyone here.
> I have have 6.5 but the only copy of 5.3 that i have is
> specific to certain Indigo2s and will not run on an Indy. 
> Basically i need to know i need to start looking for an Indy
> capable copy of 5.3 or just use the 6.5 that i already have.

5.3 will run fine on an Indy, but the OS is severely outdated (FSVO
outdated).  I run 6.5.15 on an Indy with a 9GB disk and it's quite
responsive as long as you stick with well written software.

Go for it.

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