[rescue] IRIX 6.5 on an Indy

KRM kevin at pipeline.com
Fri May 16 19:37:47 CDT 2003

Sorry to reply to my own post but it looks like the end of that last 
post got mangled.  It should read "My box at work has a perm IP, but if 
i do bring my Indy into the office it will not be internet facing as i 
do not yet know IRIX well enough to be able to lock it down"


KRM wrote:

> Agreed.  I make it a habit to turn *everything* off that's not 
> absolutely necessary and do many things manually just so i will not 
> have "extra" daemons running.  I do this for both security purposes 
> and performance.  I also, don't generally run linux boxen with modular 
> kernels, especially if they are internet facing.  And as you said, 
> this should apply to any machines that are placed on an untrusted 
> network, no matter the OS.  That being said, it's still good to get 
> the warning about 5.3.  I know IRIX had a rep (deserving or not) for 
> being insecure for a long time yet to be able to lock it down well.
> Thanks to all for the advice,
> /KRM

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