[rescue] Hark, something from the depths of the storage closet!

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Fri May 16 15:18:57 CDT 2003

On Fri, 16 May 2003, Mike Meredith wrote:

> Before SCO got their grubby hands on it, XENIX was a Microsoft port of SVR3
> (or possibly SVR2 ... my neurons are a little frazzled tonight). Because of
> the XENIX link, I distantly remember Microsoft copyrights popping up in all
> sorts of odd Unix places.

I know of at least one[0] Unix where the Microsoft copyright notice shows
up in the "true" command.  This is extremely funny, considering how much[1]
code is in there.

[0] I -think- it was OSF/1, but I saw that ages ago, so I'm probably
[1] cat `which true` to get the joke, unless, of course, you're on a GNU
    system, in which case the joke becomes significantly less funny.
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