[rescue] Octane Cameras

Rob Fielding rob at dsvr.net
Fri May 16 02:42:38 CDT 2003

The only option AFAIK is the Personal Video option (aka PVO or EVO) - 
the analgue video option which as the O2Cam port for digital input. They 
usually go for around 300UKP. Unfortunately this option cannot be 
combined to the  Compression option like the Digitial Video option can 
be, so if you want to record anything, say, an hour of full rate PAL you 
will need :

a) 64GB from two or more 10,000rpm disks, XVM striped
b) to put up with a lengthy post processing compression via the the CPU 
which dmedia tools force you into (it's /ages/ on my single R10000 250).




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