[rescue] Octane Cameras

KRM kevin at pipeline.com
Thu May 15 23:37:57 CDT 2003

That was my guess, but the end connector looked exactly like a male 
mini-centronics so i figured i'd ask just to be sure.


Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez wrote:

>On Thu, 15 May 2003, VeKTeReX wrote:
>>I've seen a number of ebay'ed cameras listed as being for the
>>Octane/O2.  Where does the camera connect too on the Octane?  Does it
>>connect up to the Centronics Type C (Mini-Parallel) port or do i need
>>some type of expansion card?
>You need either octane video or some other video option board installed in
>order to be able to use the camera...
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