[rescue] fs/trade*hp-ux media*hp 9000 parts*Solaris media*

Jona Sperty myhpreseller at yahoo.com
Thu May 15 15:45:32 CDT 2003

What I have:

All hp-ux media (10.20, 11.0,11i) OS disks, patch CDs, application CDs w/codewords, etc. All cds new/OEM not copies. Just ask, I can probably get it.

Pieces-parts for selected workstations, K and D class servers.

Also, I have solaris 8 and 9 media(sparc as well as X86)


What I want:

SGI stuff or AS400 stuff. Or just let me know what you have to trade J Large quantity requests are OK, I am looking to get rid of things..
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