[rescue] Rescues I passed up recently

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Thu May 15 15:10:21 CDT 2003

In front of the main building that I got that perfectly complete 
Gateway/ALR 8000 I found another set of machines yesterday and a 
ceramics grinder or something plus more building scraps... One was a 
Quadra 950 and the other was a VME bus computer of some sort with boxes 
of VME cards.  It said something about character generation on the back 
and some of the cards were graphic frame buffers.  I didn't have time 
to pull the system board, but this was all circa late 80's early 90's 
stuff and at least one board was broken... but there was no way I was 
going to carry it back to the office.

I think the manufacturer was Chyron.  The 950 I would have picked up in 
an instant if it wasn't missing the right side cover.  Would have been 
a great A/UX box.

Any clues as to what the VME thingy was... I speculated something for 
interactive television... (teleprompter?)  There is a TV production 
company in that building who I think was throwing the machine away.


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