[rescue] the cause of the dead cpus ?

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Thu May 15 10:12:24 CDT 2003

If anyone was following the thread where I mention I ended up with a lot
of 10 "as is" (read "Dead") Slot 1 CPUs... I'm not sure but I have a theory...

Many of them now seem to (not for any extended duration) test ok now...
the only difference is I'm using one of those metal clips to hold on the
heatsink rather than those cheap plastic "pin type" retainers.  I think
it is putting pressure on the CPU differently (and possibly stronger) by
the heatsink and back casing.

What I'm wondering is if the solder connections of the actual CPU (a
BGA chip) to the slot 1 PCB is defective.  So, when I use the stronger
clip to hold on the heatsink it is helping to compensate for bad
solder connections of the BGA chip to the board....

Does this sound realistic ?  Don't suppose anyone out there has the
equipment necessary to reflow BGA soldered chips ? :-)

I wonder how I can verify this theory ?

-- Curt

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