[rescue] VAX VMS distro...

wlewis at mailbag.com wlewis at mailbag.com
Thu May 15 01:09:52 CDT 2003

>hmmm... lots of cds here...
>yet the latest VAX VMS hobbiest release is one CD ?
>OK... someone connect the dots for me...

Ah, a consolidated distribution - aka the grail to a VaxVMS user. Mine is from from June
97, is for VMS 7.1, contains 20 cd's, and I dance a jig every time I remember I got it for
only $50 US. There are a lot of things that are _licensed_ for a hobbyist. There are only
a very small number of things that will fit on the single cd that
www.montagar.com/hobbyist/ sells. Hence a strong desire in a real vaxen freak for a

>-- Curt


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