[rescue] Re: UE1 memory prices?

Rip Loomis rip at flagon.com
Wed May 14 21:41:39 CDT 2003

Joshua Boyd wrote:
>> I recently spent $60 on a non-E U1 at 170mhz.  I don't really know
>> how much value the UPA slot adds.

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. replied:
> The cost diff between a U1 and UE1 is so small, I'd always opt for
> getting the UPA slot and 100MBit... 
> Oh... I think the SCSI busses are different... I think the non E
> only has 8 bit narrow scsi while the E has 16 bit wide scsi.... 

Right you are Curt, on all three counts.  The incremental differences
between an U1 and an U1E are worth at least $30 to me nowadays...if
nothing else, there are a *lot* of 100-mbps-capable hubs and switches
out there that won't auto-negotiate properly with an "le" interface,
but which are perfectly happy with an "hme" interface. 

I'm just waiting until the U2s start getting < $100 for a reasonable
system...then I'll probably dump almost all the SPARC 1/1+/2/10 boxen
I have (I'll keep the LXs just because I love the lunchbox form factor). 

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