[rescue] Re: Drive Reliability (was SCSI drive for sale at buy.com)

Jeffrey Nonken jeff_work at nonken.net
Wed May 14 17:52:25 CDT 2003

On Wed, 14 May 2003 14:38:23 -0400, Phil Stracchino <alaric at caerllewys.net>

> On Wed, May 14, 2003 at 11:25:18AM -0400, Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
> > Got a stash of various MFM drives myself.  I've had MFM, ESDI, SCSI,
> > and IDE drives... somehow missing RLL along the way :-) ).
> If you have MFM, you didn't miss RLL.  :) MFM drives ARE RLL ....  it's
> just that (if I remember the parameters correctly) drives sold as MFM
> were actually RLL(2,5) while drive sold as RLL were RLL(3,7).  Seagate
> reportedly tested all of their MFM drives at RLL(3,7) first, labelled
> them as RLL if they passed, and as MFM if they didn't.

Well, yeah, it was just a matter if they could take the extra density.

I have one or two RLL drives as well, and two controllers.

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