[rescue] VAXstation questions

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Wed May 14 10:04:14 CDT 2003

What is "washing-up liquid" ?

As understand it, certain soaps can be corrosive... and water, unless
distilled, can contain minerals, etc that could lead to corrosion...

I wouldn't mind finding the magical equation of safe stuff to use to
do exactly what you do (clean the boards of these rescues).

Distilled water is easy, but what cleaners can be used that won't harm
the chips, boards, cables, labels, etc...

-- Curt

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>Dave McGuire wrote:
>> > Seems I'm good at getting toasted stuff....
>>    Don't give up yet.  These machines, unlike PeeCees, are damn near
>> indestructible.  Seriously.  I've literally gotten MicroVAX-3100s out
>> of *mud puddles* at a surplus yard and had them work just fine.
>I've taken apart a couple of machines (SGI, DEC and Sun) and cleaned
>them thoroughly with washing-up liquid and hot water. I'm keeping a
>better-safe-than-sorry aproach and let the boards dry for a week or two.
>I'ts wonderful to see the boards coming from "dustful wreck" into a
>brand-new look.
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