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Wed May 14 09:55:17 CDT 2003

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>From: Dave McGuire <mcguire at neurotica.com>
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>   Don't give up yet.  These machines, unlike PeeCees, are damn near 
>indestructible.  Seriously.  I've literally gotten MicroVAX-3100s out 
>of *mud puddles* at a surplus yard and had them work just fine.

Turns out I was trying to use the AUX/Modem port as a console... it
actually uses the printer port and I've got the pinout to make a cable...
just need to go make it now :-)

>> Won 10 "untested" slot 1 procs on ebay.... all 10 bad... way overpaid.
>> Trying to work something out with the seller, as it is clear I paid
>> working proc prices for a lot that turned up all dead (this is not a
>> seller who generally sells untested parts)... I'm hoping we can work
>> something out, as I bought the stuff to resell to help make a mortgage
>> payment (currently unemployed)... and now not only am I out that 
>> potential
>> profit, I'm out almost $400.... ARG !
>   On eBay, it seems "untested" means "bad". :-(  But then, with x86 
>processors, you're probably getting a more useful product than if they 
>were functional.

The "usefullness" of these processors was in their ability to make me
a little bit of extra money while I'm unemployed.... (although there were
two or three I was probably going to keep for boxes I have).  Now I don't
get any usefullness and I'm out big money. 

The seller has graciously offered me $50.00 back (yippie, now I only lose
$310 + shipping costs rather than $360.00 + shipping costs).

As for untested=bad on ebay.... it depends on the seller.  It is easty
to spot the sellers selling bad stuff labelled "untested".  However this
is the first untested items this seller offered.  He picked them up
untested at a local computer show (which if I had known that fact I would
not have bid as untested=bad 99% of the time at a computer show IMHO).

To say I'm $#@%^ pissed is still an understatement.

I wish I had real recourse here... but they were sold as untested as is
(despite the fact that the high bid (and runner up bids) were all in
working processor pricing territory... <sigh> why did this lesson have
to such an expensive one ?

-- Curt

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