[rescue] Re: Drive Reliability (was SCSI drive for sale at buy.com)

Jeffrey Nonken jeff_work at nonken.net
Wed May 14 08:31:17 CDT 2003

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003 16:17:50 -0400, Jeffrey Nonken <jeff_work at nonken.net>

> On Fri, 25 Apr 2003 11:44:12 -0400, Charles Shannon Hendrix
> <shannon at widomaker.com> wrote:
> > At one shop where I worked we used to make bets on when a Micropolis
> > drive died.  None made it past 2 weeks.
> >
> > I heard that they were actually assembling drives in plain offices, just
> > to cram enough out the door to keep from going bankrupt, at one point
> > near the end.
> I'm trying to remember if Micropolis was the brand I had with the heads
> that would stick... or maybe that was Mitsubishi.
> They'd stick to the platter. When you powered them up, you either had to
> shock the drive enough to unstick the heads, or manually turn the stepper
> motor. Both of those being wonderful things to do to a hard drive.

Well, I guess I didn't do a very thorough job of disposing of my old MFM
drives. Guess what I found today?

You got it! Mitsubishi Electric Corporation mode MR522 Fixed Disk Drive. No
defects listed on the label. Several stickers that say "DO NOT OPEN THIS

I don't want to void the warranty, so I think I'll just throw it away. :)

You live and learn. Or you don't live long. -L. Long

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