[rescue] what is this ebay item

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue May 13 12:33:44 CDT 2003

Looks to me like an Ultra 2 clone in a rackmount box.  By the layout
this may use a Sun Ultra 2 mainboard or maybe the AXMP Sun Microelectronics
mainboard ?

Looks nice... questions is what speed procs are in it...

-- Curt

>Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 10:27:14 -0700 (PDT)
>From: lz <lordzorcon at yahoo.com>
>To: rescue at sunhelp.org
>Subject: [rescue] what is this ebay item
>does anyone know what this is? it looks like an ultra 2 in a rack mount case,
>but i don't know much about the later sun stuff.... whats it worth?
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