[rescue] VAXstation questions

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue May 13 09:58:09 CDT 2003

I'm venturing into "new" territory....

I've just aquired a VAXstation 2000, model VS410-AA.

It does not have any hard drives, tape drives, or cd-rom drives.

Does this thing support SCSI ?  There is a 50 pin connector on the
mainboard (which I have removed).  There is also a 60 pin and 20 pin
connector close by the 50 pin....  none of them labelled of course.

There is what appears to be a load board at the bottom of the drive
bay area with two drive connectors plugged into it... I assume it is
a load board.  I also assume that when installing drives, you unplug
the load board... however since it has two connectors, if only installing
one drive, do you leave one on the load board  (I wouldn't think that
would be necessary).

If this thing supports internal SCSI, would a VAXstation 2000 support
a SCSI CDROM drive ?  If so, would I need to find a classic DEC
unit RRD40, RRD42 (model #s from memory, I could be wrong here) ?

Will this support the latest OpenVMS ?

There seems to be room for an expansion card on the motherboard in the
area above the drive bays... looks like it would take a decent size
board.... any idea what this expansion slot is ????

Also, I haven't serial consoled it yet to find out memory, etc...
taking it apart, inventorying the insides and dusting it were step 1....
step 2 is to see what it does with a console....

What are the memory options in these critters ?

Any information, URLs, etc greatly appreciated.

-- Curt

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