[rescue] unisys a6?

James james at jdfogg.com
Mon May 12 21:22:29 CDT 2003

I liked the A-series (I'm not an OS guru though). I especially LOVE the
Burroughs Standard Poll-Select protocol for their terminals (you can
actually daisy-chain RS232 because its a polling protocol). I networked lots
of Poll-Select for banking customers in Pennsylvania.

Some versions of these (sorry, don't know which ones) can run Windows NT in
emulation and hang PC's off its ethernet.

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> Anyone know anything much about unisys hardware?  I have access to what
> i believe is a unisys a6.  The back of it looks quite a bit like what
> you see in the lower right of this picture with the date stamp on it.
> http://www.uniandes.edu.co/dependencias/Centros-Servicios/centro-d
> e-computo/recursos-computacionales/a6.html
> Would one of those be worth anything to anyone?  Can anyone tell me
> anything about it?
> 	-Dan Sikorski
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