[rescue] Older-new mac stuff

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Mon May 12 14:53:35 CDT 2003

On Monday, May 12, 2003, at 03:45 PM, Bill Bradford wrote:

> On Mon, May 12, 2003 at 02:52:57PM -0400, Andrew Weiss wrote:
>> Does anyone have any Apple hardware they could part with in the range
>> of $1-1000, the cheaper the better?
>> Especially looking for laptops... G3 Lombard or Wallstreet or newer
>> (incl. G4), any iBook, any Blue and White Desktop or newer, etc.
>> Basically New World stuff with the oomph to run OS X (i.e. 128-256MB 
>> of
>> RAM or more).
> You can buy a BRAND NEW iBook for $999.  Brand new 1Ghz G4 is $1499.
> Bill
Yes I know... I'm trying desperately to have an excuse at work for not 
giving up my desktop machine... since it was bought for everyone in 
service and the newer guy wants to use it for several weeks or more for 
training.  (I put a lot of effort into building a service machine out 
of it so that makes OS re-installs a pain, plus I don't want to go back 
to a PissCee made of garbage from a G4 dual 867 Mirror drives).... the 
pain... :-)  I figure even an old G3 laptop is better than a PC from 
recycled and stained parts.  And my company is really cheap about 
buying new hardware.  He also has a budget for a new mac of around $500 
to 1000.... but he'd like to stay in the lower end of that range.  Even 
a bondi iMac would solve all the problems.... provided the memory was 
maxed out.


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