[rescue] dataram dimm part #s

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Mon May 12 06:32:01 CDT 2003

>>>This is mostly for future googlers... I've been putting off testing
>>>these semi-unidentified Ultra 5 type Dataram dimms for two years now.
>>Are individual messages on rescue and geeks found by google. I've never
>>seen one pop up on any searches I've done.
> rescue, yes. Dunno about geeks, I don't frequent that list.
> It annoys me how often I google for a question and find the closest to a 
> useful match is a post I made to rescue asking the question a year or two ago.

I have had exactly that happen. I get all excited to find what looks 
like a good match on google, only to start reading and have it sound 
vaguely familiar... and then discover that I wrote it some time ago! 
*sigh* At least I haven't run across anything that I'm too ashamed of 
having written...


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