[rescue] IRIX 6.5.3 install problems

Andrew Giedraitis andycadd at earthlink.net
Sat May 10 23:53:05 CDT 2003

email me andycadd at earthlink.net
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I'll help ya out

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> Andrew Giedraitis said:
> >crc  errors
> >are you sure your disk is okay?
> That's a good point and after reading this, I went into FX and ran the
complete exerciser
> twice without error and I have the random test (wr-cmp mode) running 5
passes right now,
> so I'm relativly confident on the disk.
> >i got error messages out the wazoo when the disk was bad, I should of
> >tested/exercised  it with the FX command first,  I changed the disk and
> >was fine.  You could have a bad CD ,scratched or dirty,
> No obvious scratches and cleaning didn't seem to help any. OTOH, all the
disks that I'm
> having trouble with are one media type and the ones without trouble are
another. foo.
> >I found a complete new set cheap on ebay,
> Right now it seems to only be recent sets (6.5.16+) at too much for my out
of work budget,
> oddball versions that I don't think work (6.2 and 6.3) or upgrade only
kits which do me no
> good either. Guess I'll just have save pennies or something.
> Anyone want a Apple Powerbook 540 for a set of IRIX cd's? ;'>
> As an aside, anyone know a good source for a SGI 13w3 to BNC cable? The
GDM-1961 from my
> Vaxstation 4000/90 should work on the Indigo2 if I can find a cable.
> William
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