[rescue] IRIX 6.5.3 install problems

wlewis at mailbag.com wlewis at mailbag.com
Sat May 10 20:31:16 CDT 2003

Andrew Giedraitis said:
>crc  errors
>are you sure your disk is okay?

That's a good point and after reading this, I went into FX and ran the complete exerciser
twice without error and I have the random test (wr-cmp mode) running 5 passes right now,
so I'm relativly confident on the disk. 

>i got error messages out the wazoo when the disk was bad, I should of
>tested/exercised  it with the FX command first,  I changed the disk and all
>was fine.  You could have a bad CD ,scratched or dirty,

No obvious scratches and cleaning didn't seem to help any. OTOH, all the disks that I'm
having trouble with are one media type and the ones without trouble are another. foo.

>I found a complete new set cheap on ebay,

Right now it seems to only be recent sets (6.5.16+) at too much for my out of work budget,
oddball versions that I don't think work (6.2 and 6.3) or upgrade only kits which do me no
good either. Guess I'll just have save pennies or something.

Anyone want a Apple Powerbook 540 for a set of IRIX cd's? ;'>

As an aside, anyone know a good source for a SGI 13w3 to BNC cable? The GDM-1961 from my
Vaxstation 4000/90 should work on the Indigo2 if I can find a cable. 


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