[rescue] IRIX 6.5.3 install problems

Andrew Giedraitis andycadd at earthlink.net
Sat May 10 17:49:10 CDT 2003

crc  errors
are you sure your disk is okay?

i got error messages out the wazoo when the disk was bad, I should of
tested/exercised  it with the FX command first,  I changed the disk and all
was fine.  You could have a bad CD ,scratched or dirty,

I found a complete new set cheap on ebay,

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> Well, I found a drive sled for my Indigo2 and hooked up a Seagate 2gb to
> it. I'm running from a serial console since I still haven't gotten a
> working SOG monitor. I found a web site that told me how to setup the
> root drive by booting /stand/fx.64 from the Install tools cd and that
> worked fine. I got all the disks read in and they all installed fine up
> until I got back to Install Tools/Overlays 1 when I got a huge pile of
> crc errors on the install. These files of course are kernel .a files and
> so a kernel will not link at the end of the install...
> I would presume this is not a good thing ;'p
> The Freeware 99 disk does the same thing I have found after a few
> various attempts.
> Does anyone in the Madison, WI area have this version that I could use
> to get my machine up? Or sell?
> Thanks again,
> William
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