[rescue] MTI DAS9000 help....

Andrew Giedraitis andycadd at earthlink.net
Sat May 10 01:33:07 CDT 2003

I recently acquired an MTI DAS9000  vertically oriented (Raid array with
item came without drives and missing 1 canister
I opened it up and plugged back in all the circuit boards etc...
I replaced with working drives,
I tried shoehorning in sca80 with adapters
only to find that the ID plugs required too much modification to make it
pull out the new drives and replaced with 5 quantum 9.1 atlas IV drives [I
think they are LVD], and 2 IBM's LVD

I'M IGNORANT  does this unit support LVD drives
the self diagnostic runs thru 8 drives on 2 luns
the "FLT" light comes on yellow when I set the ID's as I think they should
the disk LED flashes green a little during spinup turns yellow if the ID is
set wrong
all seems normal  shows 16 MB ram

If I can find some documentation I should be able to figure this stuff out
this is my first self contained raid array.

the big questions can someone tell me:

1. is it okay to use LVD drives if not can I just jumper the "force SE"
1a. should I use the delay jumpers?
2. How can I access the setup do I need special software or can I just plug
it inot a COM port on a PC or SUN or MAC or SGI and use "????"
3. will the diagnostic run correctly if unit is not connected to an HBA and
not terminated
4. Can I use a standard LVD/SE terminator
5. Anyone know where I can get another canister
6. Is this unit HVD?
7. where can I get manuals/user guides
8. is it ok to use 3 different brands of LVD drives  all 9.1's
9. I want to use this with an intel Netware, Apache, or Windoze box or will
it only work with a SUN or SGI
10. any useful tidbits of info all appreciated

11  not related any good sources for descent software for my Indigo2s CADD,
FM, A/V  etc...

I wish to thank you guys I was able to get my Indigo2s working now I need to
find a good use for them besides hobbying

email me directly if your response is too verbose or too far off thread

Andycadd at earthlink.net

Andrew V Giedraitis
14 Bellevue Ave
Vernon, CT 06066
soon to be windoze free (except at work) maybe Autocad will support Linux or
OsX someday

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