[rescue] RS/6000 250 problems

Dan Williams dan.williams at btconnect.com
Fri May 9 05:30:11 CDT 2003

vance at neurotica.com wrote:
> Oh.  It's a 13w3.  You should probably know that the pinout on the IBM
> 13w3 is compatible with neither the Sun nor the SGI 13w3.  If you're
> running an IBM monitor, you can run a straight-through cable, but if
> you're running any other brand of monitor, you'll need an adapter.  Ok...
> let me go look up the FRU.
> Are you sure that FRU is valid?  It's usually two numerical digits, a
> letter, and four more numerical digits.  Not always, mind you, but most of
> the time.

The actual cable I have is a 13w3-->vga connector, sync convertor, vga
lead and another 12w3--> vga connector. Would this work or would it need
some other kind of adaptor. I have also tried a 13w3-->3 bnc connector
with no joy. It is nice to see so many different variations of the 13w3
connector are there any more ?


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