[rescue] FS: All Kinds Of Stuff! (fwd lem-swap)

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Thu May 8 14:00:49 CDT 2003

If anyone here is looking for Indy systems... let me know... I
have r4k/200 and r5k/1500 and r5k/180 (plus I think I have an r4k/175
and then I have a slow slow slow one somewhere)....

Each has a 1 Gig drive, 64 or more of ram, and an XL or XZ graphics card.

They are beginning to get dismembered for parts, so if anyone is interested
in a system, I'm open to reasonable offers.

For local pickups I am in Sharon, MA.

I will ship Indy systems though.

I can provide keyboard, mouse, and Indycam if desired (so if you desire
those things, include them in your offer).

-- Curt

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>Subject: [rescue] FS: All Kinds Of Stuff! (fwd lem-swap)
>I thought someone might be interested in the Indy.  You could
>probably talk the guy down, since he doesn't seem to know much
>about the gear.
>He okayed me forwarding this, so let him know how you found out
>about it if you contact him.
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>Date: Thursday, May 08, 2003 10:07 AM -0400
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>HP 2000c PC Printer, I have Used it with my mac, with an adapter,
>Needs ink, with Kodak)Image enhancements, 35.00
>Global Village VideoFX USB Video Input box... 25.00
>1 Iomega USB External Zip Drive, Excellent shape, 30.00
>6400/180 Totally Bare, 1.6 gig Hd, No ram, 30.00
>Polaroid Photo Printer, PC-Only, (I think)  25.00
>I have a SGI "Indy" model workstation complete, with a webcam, full
>keyboard,3 button Mouse, it boots great, works fine, I just dont know
>enough about this OS to do much with it,
>250.00+shipping OBO
>I also have the sgi 17" monitor,
>Make an offer.
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