[rescue] RS/6000 250 problems

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Wed May 7 17:34:33 CDT 2003

>>I never used a monitor, only a serial console. You only get output after
>>all the diagnostics have stopped and the three-digit display is off.
>>For that it needs to bootstrap AIX from harddisk, CDROM or floppy.
>>Make sure the cable has DSR/DTR pins connected.

> That's probably why then, it's looking for the OS, I'm guessing there
> might be a problem with the drive. I can't find diagnostic disks or any
> such like on the IBM website. Are they still available from anywhere.

I'd love to find diag disks somewhere. I have a 7011/250 here that I've 
never been able to get any OS onto. I can get the built-in diags. I can 
test components and so on, and even get it to try a net boot, but I 
think all it'll ever boot to is AIX, and I don't have a copy.

I had to make a specially-wired null modem cable to hook it up to a PC 
serial port, though. (Regular null modem didn't work. I did not pay much 
attention to the differences, just hunted up a pinout and used it.) I 
have the pinout at home. Lemme know if you want it. I think it's still 
taped to the top of the RS 6000/6611 router.


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