[rescue] RS/6000 250 problems

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Wed May 7 06:31:02 CDT 2003

Dan Williams wrote:
> I have an rs 6000 machine. If I plug a monitor into it, I just get a
> blank screen although there is a signal (ie. not power saving). I have
> also tried connecting a serial terminal to it and get nothing from
> there. It seems to go through the diagnostics ok. Can anyone give me a
> clue on where to go from here. I know the serial terminal works with the
> same cable on a sparc. Anyone got any experience with these

I never used a monitor, only a serial console. You only get output after
all the diagnostics have stopped and the three-digit display is off.
For that it needs to bootstrap AIX from harddisk, CDROM or floppy.

Make sure the cable has DSR/DTR pins connected.

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