[rescue] Old micro - Casio FX-9000P

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Wed May 7 01:45:34 CDT 2003

Hello lads

I rescued an early eighties micro-computer today. It is a Casio FX-9000P, a
2.75MHz Z80 based system that runs a simple BASIC interpreter. This
particular machine has two 16kB RAM expansion cards, a 4KB RAM card, and a
4KB ROM option card.

The 5.5" CRT has a slight problem with horizontal sync, but this seems to
clear up after it has warmed up. Perhaps there is a bad cap in the CRT
timing circuits.

I was very pleased to find that some of the previous owner's programs were
still stored in memory. Including some which date back to 1987. I'm glad I
wasn't working in NZ back in 1987 - the tax rate on income above 38,000p.a.
appears to have been 57% :-o

Unfortunately I haven't been able to work out any of the commands beyond
what is listed on the keyboard, and what I've gathered from reading the old
progams. If anyone could point me towards a command reference I would be
extremely grateful.



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