[rescue] SCSI adapter help...

Andrew Giedraitis andycadd at earthlink.net
Tue May 6 21:50:04 CDT 2003

Yess   an external terminator is what fixed my indigo2's
without it the hinv doesn't even see the drives

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> Set all the jumpers on the drive to WD factory default.
> If you want the drive to spin up right away leave the DLY and MTR jumpers
> off.  Only set the ID jumpers.
> You can not terminate SCA drives without an SCA adapter that has built
> in termination, so avoid all jumpers to do with termination and make
> sure you terminate the buss with a terminator a regular 50 pin drive
> that supports termination.  If you put one of these in an Indy, the Indy
> should be using SGI's terminated cable, so drive termination on all drives
> should be off.  On the I2, the I2 includes termination so all drives
> have termination off as well.
> I'm not sure (maybe others can verify this), but you might need a
> on the external scsi port of the Indy.  The Indy has one buss, but I do
> know if the motherboard has an autoterminator if nothing is plugged into
> or not... to be sure, put an external terminator on the back of the Indy
> (or the scsi chain coming off of the Indy).
> -- Curt
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> >Subject: [rescue] SCSI adapter help...
> >
> >I'm making a last effort to try and get some of my new gear working -- 
> >at the moment, my biggest problem is the SCA<->50pin adapters and WD SCA
> >drives I bought to put in the Indy and Indigo2. I'm hoping someone will
> >be willing to help me troubleshoot.
> >
> >The adapters are relatively simple, and come with a clearly written
> >sheet of instructions. The jumper block is labeled as follows:
> >
> >LED
> >SYN
> >DLY
> >MTR
> >ID3
> >ID2
> >ID1
> >ID0
> >
> >The DLY and MTR options control forced delay and remote delay. SYN is
> >for some kinc of SCA sync option, apparently. The others should be
> >obvious. The adapter instructions do say that the settings on the
> >adapter and on the drive should be exactly matched, at least as far as
> >SCSI ID, and I've been doing that. I've also fiddled with a few other
> >jumpers on and off, and the Indy I'm connecting these drives to always
> >claims that there's been a SCSI controller failure if this drive is the
> >only one connected -- just like if there's nothing at all attached to
> >the bus. It also doesn't get recognized if it's attached along with
> >another, working (50pin) drive. I've also fiddled as best I can with
> >termination options.
> >
> >The jumpers on the drive are a lot more complex, and I don't pretend to
> >understand half of them. The WD site lists only two jumper layouts for
> >SCSI drives, and this is not one of them. Here's the jumper block
> >labeling from the drive top label:
> >
> >RSVD (reserved?)
> >
> >The drive comes with RMT START and D TRGT INIT jumpered by default. I've
> >tried both jumpered and unjumpered. I've also tried the drive on all the
> >SCSI ID jumpers, both matched with the adapter and not matched. I've got
> >no clue what to do next.
> >
> >I'd dearly appreciate any help I can get.
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