[rescue] SCSI adapter help...

Joshua Newton limelight at speakeasy.net
Tue May 6 11:41:02 CDT 2003

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
> Set all the jumpers on the drive to WD factory default.

I tried that, first, since I didn't want to mess around without a clear 
idea of what I was doing.

> If you want the drive to spin up right away leave the DLY and MTR jumpers
> off.  Only set the ID jumpers.

Did that.

> You can not terminate SCA drives without an SCA adapter that has built
> in termination, so avoid all jumpers to do with termination and make
> sure you terminate the buss with a terminator a regular 50 pin drive
> that supports termination.  If you put one of these in an Indy, the Indy
> should be using SGI's terminated cable, so drive termination on all drives
> should be off.  On the I2, the I2 includes termination so all drives should
> have termination off as well.

*nods* The adapter doesn't provide for termination (the model that does, 
costs a bit more), and none of the drive's jumpers admit to termination. 
The WD jumper block diagram from WD's site claims that some are for 
termination, however. I made sure that there were at most two jumpers 
set, and neither were on the pins that terminate (according to the 
website diagram).

> I'm not sure (maybe others can verify this), but you might need a terminator
> on the external scsi port of the Indy.  The Indy has one buss, but I do not
> know if the motherboard has an autoterminator if nothing is plugged into it
> or not... to be sure, put an external terminator on the back of the Indy
> (or the scsi chain coming off of the Indy).

I think I tried this with one of my active terminators sitting on the 
back of the Indy, but I can't remember for sure. I'll go back and try it 
both ways.

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