[rescue] SCSI adapter help...

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue May 6 08:53:21 CDT 2003

Set all the jumpers on the drive to WD factory default.

If you want the drive to spin up right away leave the DLY and MTR jumpers
off.  Only set the ID jumpers.

You can not terminate SCA drives without an SCA adapter that has built
in termination, so avoid all jumpers to do with termination and make
sure you terminate the buss with a terminator a regular 50 pin drive
that supports termination.  If you put one of these in an Indy, the Indy
should be using SGI's terminated cable, so drive termination on all drives
should be off.  On the I2, the I2 includes termination so all drives should
have termination off as well.

I'm not sure (maybe others can verify this), but you might need a terminator
on the external scsi port of the Indy.  The Indy has one buss, but I do not
know if the motherboard has an autoterminator if nothing is plugged into it
or not... to be sure, put an external terminator on the back of the Indy
(or the scsi chain coming off of the Indy).

-- Curt

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>Subject: [rescue] SCSI adapter help...
>I'm making a last effort to try and get some of my new gear working -- 
>at the moment, my biggest problem is the SCA<->50pin adapters and WD SCA 
>drives I bought to put in the Indy and Indigo2. I'm hoping someone will 
>be willing to help me troubleshoot.
>The adapters are relatively simple, and come with a clearly written 
>sheet of instructions. The jumper block is labeled as follows:
>The DLY and MTR options control forced delay and remote delay. SYN is 
>for some kinc of SCA sync option, apparently. The others should be 
>obvious. The adapter instructions do say that the settings on the 
>adapter and on the drive should be exactly matched, at least as far as 
>SCSI ID, and I've been doing that. I've also fiddled with a few other 
>jumpers on and off, and the Indy I'm connecting these drives to always 
>claims that there's been a SCSI controller failure if this drive is the 
>only one connected -- just like if there's nothing at all attached to 
>the bus. It also doesn't get recognized if it's attached along with 
>another, working (50pin) drive. I've also fiddled as best I can with 
>termination options.
>The jumpers on the drive are a lot more complex, and I don't pretend to 
>understand half of them. The WD site lists only two jumper layouts for 
>SCSI drives, and this is not one of them. Here's the jumper block 
>labeling from the drive top label:
>RSVD (reserved?)
>The drive comes with RMT START and D TRGT INIT jumpered by default. I've 
>tried both jumpered and unjumpered. I've also tried the drive on all the 
>SCSI ID jumpers, both matched with the adapter and not matched. I've got 
>no clue what to do next.
>I'd dearly appreciate any help I can get.
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