[rescue] Alpha SRM and IDE CDROM

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Mon May 5 21:44:06 CDT 2003

I'm working on making an Alpha (PWS500au) i recently acquired
useful.  First, i had the wrong version of OpenVMS, so that
was out, and i already have several linux boxen so i decided
to install NT 4.0 on it just for the hell of it.  That install
went fairly easily. Now i have the correct version of OpenVMS
so i'm ready to ditch NT but i can no longer see the CDROM
drive in SRM.  When i first got the machine the CDROM showed
up in SRM as dkb0. and the hard drive showed up as
dka0. Now the hard drive shows up as dqa0. and
there is no listing for the CDROM (which i need to boot from).
 The CDROM still works fine if i boot in NT but it doesn't
show up in SRM.  A ">>> show dev" command only comes up with
the hd, floppy, nic and the two IDE controllers (there are no
SCSI controllers on this box.)

I'm not too familiar with the Alpha platform.  Anyone
know what i did to send the CDROM to never never land?


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