[rescue] AMD Athlon evaluation board CORONA EVT5 -- specs?

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Tue May 6 08:34:30 CDT 2003

This board probably will not run your XP2000+. Here's why:

"Corona EVT-5 reference motherboards (based on revision B1 of the chip) had
problems running properly at 133MHz system bus. In addition, AMD also raised
DDR voltage from 2.5V to 2.65V to ensure proper operation while running in
AGP 4X mode."

It should take any DDR memory and any 100 mhz CPU - at least if you want
stability, which limits you for the most part to older Durons and
Athlons/T-birds. It looks like the Corona EVT-7 and 8 boards were the
reference boards of choice for reviewers, and I'd presume that's because the
early 760 chipsets (specifically the 761 northbridge) had a flaw that led to
clock problems in the CPU. 

David Seidl

-- Robert Novak <rnovak at indyramp.com> wrote:

>I got an AMD "Corona EVT5" evaluation/reference motherboard this weekend.
It's EVT5-003 (the 002 is marked out with blue >ink), part 100051-018, with
an AMD 766 i/o controller(?) on it and a Socket 462 ZIF socket. 4 DDR DIMM
sockets, dual IDE, >AGP, etc...

>Google hasn't been very helpful this past day. I'm trying to figure out
what CPUs and memory it takes. i.e. will my XP 
>2000+ work in it? There is no on- board documentation, and I haven't seen
any useful info through Google for it (except
>that someone did a cooler test with it). 

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